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Food Security Program

Community food support program in partnership with United Way of the Lower Mainland.

Seniors Support Program

Community program to help improve the participation of seniors and elders in our community.

Child Car Seat Program

In partnership with BCAA Community Car Seat Program, we help provide car seats to families that cannot afford.


We were able to successfully distribute groceries to over 140 families and individual community members supporting each other during this difficult time of Covid-19. We remain committed and connected, looking after each other and knowing that united we stand strong. A big thank you to all organizers and volunteers for your roles, sacrifice, and passion in making this project a success. 

Thanking Our Volunteers

Volunteers contribute their time, their energy and their hearts at just about every event or project we focus on in our community. From small to large efforts, every little bit of their time and resource is truly appreciated and counts.

Collage of beautiful flowering trees


COVID-19 has revealed the vulnerabilities of our community members in employment. Our members need to be equipped with relevant skills to operate in the new economy. This needs to be done in a culturally appropriate setting. Whilst community members realize these weaknesses, most feel uncomfortable going into training. Being trained by members of their community will remove the anxiety members feel. We intend to equip our members to be employers instead of relying on being an employee. Whilst they might be competent in their areas of operation, a number of them have shown they would benefit from new skills which include entrepreneurship and running small businesses

Thanking Our Sponsers