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Volunteers contribute their time, their energy and their hearts at just about every event or project we focus on in our community. From small to large efforts, every little bit of their time and resource is truly appreciated and counts. They are the hand-raisers and the sign-us-up volunteers who selflessly give their time and talents to strengthen and lift up our community, to make someone’s day brighter, to lessen the load, and improve the lives or others. The Zimbabwean Cultural Society of British Columbia recognizes the following volunteers for their selfless efforts, time and contributions to our community in 2020

Volunteer Code of Conduct

1.0  Purpose

1.1        This Code sets out the ZICUSO BC expectations for volunteer conduct. Violation of this Code of Conduct is a serious matter to ZICUSO BC and will be treated as such.
1.2        Failure to comply with the ZICUSO BC’s Code of Conduct may lead to temporary suspension or permanent termination from volunteer duties.
2.0       Application & Acknowledgement
  • This Code of Conduct applies to all volunteers.
    • All volunteers must agree to the Code of Conduct which is available when a volunteer completes an application form and retrospectively for those already volunteering
    • Volunteers are not allowed to be onsite working at any of our locations if they have not agreed to our Code of Conduct.
3.0       Conduct
  • Volunteers of the ZICUSO BC must always act honestly and in good faith with a view to the best interest of ZICUSO BC.
    • Volunteers of the ZICUSO BC are expected to perform duties diligently and arrive on time unless an absence is unavoidable, in which case they are expected to contact the person to whom they report onsite in time for them to get someone to cover.
    • Volunteers of the ZICUSO BC must always follow the highest standards of ethical behavior when dealing with other volunteers, staff, and clients.
    • Volunteers will avoid perceived and actual conflicts of interest. A volunteer should avoid involvement in any form of self-employment or business which competes with programs or services delivered by the Society which could be considered a conflict of interest.
    • Volunteers will not use their volunteer position to influence other volunteers, staff or organizations having dealings with the Society to gain personally or to advance others through the results of that influence.
    • Volunteers of the ZICUSO BC are expected to accept direction and decisions made by the ZICUSO BC staff.
    • ZICUSO BC volunteers have a responsibility to promote and safeguard the well-being and safety of other volunteers, clients, and staff always.
    • ZICUSO BC volunteers must not take unfair advantage of anyone through manipulation,

concealment, abuse of privileged information, misrepresentation of facts, or any other unfair dealing or unethical activity.

  • Appropriate conduct and behavior include but is not limited to:
    • competent performance of all duties and responsibilities.
    • courteous and respectful interaction with staff, volunteers, management, clients, members, board of directors or any other person who deals with the ZICUSO BC in the conduct of its business.
    • Inappropriate conduct and behavior include, but is not limited to:
      • using inappropriate or abusive language.
      • spreading malicious gossip or rumors.
      • harassing, threatening, intimidating, coercing any person at any time.
      • sexual harassment.
      • inappropriate comments directed at an individual related to the person’s gender, gender identification, sexual orientation, racial background, religion, or physical ability.
      • engaging in an inappropriate relationship or committing any improprieties involving any employee or volunteer of ZICUSO BC.
      • theft and/or falsification of ZICUSO BC records.
      • theft of any food and/or supplies from the ZICUSO BC; and
      • violence or inappropriate physical contact, or any behavior that could be perceived as actual or threatened physical contact or violence.

Our 2022 Volunteers

Lawrence C.
Mercy C.
Stanley C.
Christine C.
Denhere G.
Patricia H.
Katherine H.
Lloyd J.
Lucille K.
Panashe K.
Nyasha K.
Mitchell K
Lorraine M.
Joel M.
Nakiso M.
Busisiwe M.
Thando M.
Nandi M.
Josephat M.
Sarah M.
Charlet M.
Kurirai M.
Eunice M.
Patrick M.
Priscilla S.
Patience C.
Wisdom M.

Scholastica S.
Joy S.
Nobert S.
Charity T.
Taz U.
Isabel C.
Rudo B.
Tatenda C.
Noreen C.
Nyasha G.
Ngoni K.
Barbra K.
Deborah M.
Calisto M.
Terrence M.
Doreen N.
Langton N.
Mercy R.
Tafadzwa R.
Yvonne M.
Joseph M.
Michelle N.
Charlton N.
Patrick S.
Leon S.
Kudakwashe G.